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May 30, 2017
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There are Exciting New Changes to the Bravenet Password Protect Service

With the Bravenet Password Protect service you can easily restrict access to your entire website or just specific pages. Choose who views your content by simply adding our code to your site. Once the code has been added only approved people can access the protected pages of your site.

password protect service

New Account Management

The look and feel has been improved, as well as the flow of managing, adding, editing and activating accounts. Active accounts are separated from pending accounts and now include the users Full Name, and Email. You can now easily Enable/Disable your users.  These new fields are exposed throughout account management.

manage accounts

New Changes Requesting an Account

We have automated the process of how user accounts are requested instead of just sending you an email with information that you have to manually add yourself. In the past, you would get an email containing requested account information. You would then have to go enter the account yourself, assign a password and manually email the user to let them know their credentials.

This process now requires less work and the new user will be added to your system automatically but in a disabled and non-activated state. You will receive an email that there is a new registration to approve. Simply login to Bravenet, navigate to Pending Accounts under Password Protect and click ENABLE. This will enable the account and send the user a notification that their account is active.

create accounts

Improved Login Statistics

Experience an improved Login Statistics Area and see a live chart of your Top 10 most active users.

password protect stats

New Login Box Code

The style of the login box has been updated to have an elegant, more modern look and feel. Please login and grab your new Copy/Paste code.

Updated Failed Login Page

You asked, and we listened! We now offer you simplified management of the failed login page and created a new look for the failed login page that is presented after your visitor fails to login. The text is customizable in your Bravenet account.

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